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Espoir Voyage
Son | France, Burkina Faso | 2011

In Burkina Faso, the young people emigration towards Ivory Coast is like a ritual, a passage to the state of adult… If, usually, the rule is to leave to come back, many of them never come back in this adventure, for various reasons. Joanny, my...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Les Petites Mains
Son | France | 2009

La déficience et le handicap mental sont-ils solubles dans le travail ? Ici, à l’institut médico-éducatif, de jeunes pensionnaires apprennent à travailler. Rétifs, dociles, mutiques, tendres, violents, ils se parfont, ils produisent, ils...

La Main de Dieu (ou la queue du renard)
Son | France | 2009

Between my two travels in the Peloponnesus, arson fires devastated the region. I had discovered a peaceful world among the ancient vestiges and I came back to a country in ruins. Among the burnt olive groves, I met some of the remaining villagers...