Catalogue des films de « Elzbieta Kurkowska »

4 films
Such A Place
Montage | Pologne | 1985

Wordless poetic impressions about Krakow's former Jewish district, Kazimierz, to the music by Zygmunt Konieczny. A glance at its past and present. A story about the ephemeral nature of people and stones.

A Passerby
Montage | Pologne | 1984

Titkow asks Tadeusz Konwicki: "Do you believe in Man?" The author of the "Ascension" and the "Little Apocalypse" retorts: "Could you ask me more European questions?" There is a rapid stream of flashing images from twentieth-century history of...

Ce grand petit monde
Montage | Pologne | 1977

A whimsical and self-reflexive work about the making of a film on the brilliant satirical cartoonist Andrzej Mleczko. Titkow films himself discussing with Mleczko: can a documentary film represent a paper world? Is there any difference between a...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Jastrzebie
Montage | Pologne | 1974

A kaleidoscopic and bittersweet sociological portrait of people who came to the new mining town of Jastrz?bie-Zdrój for work after WW2. They were in search of an El Dorado, dreaming of love and money. They only found hard work and lost their...