Catalogue des films de « David Bravo »

3 films
The Color of the Chameleon
Image | Belgique, Chili | 2017

During the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services who force him to work for them in an extreme violent way. But he manages to escape and flees to East Berlin. Jorge is my father. He was never able to...

Stealing Rodin
Image | Chili, France | 2017

A cold morning in June 2005, the guards of the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts discovered that the sculpture of Rodin, had been subtracted from the main exhibition. Surprisingly, the piece or art was returned the next day by a young man who...

Allende, mon grand-père
Image | Chili, Mexique | 2015

Marcia, Salvador Allende's granddaughter, faces family pain and silence; her grandfather's mythification, and her own self-censorship, in order to recover his longed personal side buried by his political person.