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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Reveka : l'âge des morts
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | Belgique | 2015

Every day, thousands of men are engulfed in the bowels of the Cerro Rico, one of the most ancient silver mines in Bolivia, which the first Amerindian and African slaves called "the man-eater". These men burrow every day through hellish mines,...

Montage | Belgique | 2013

This is the life of Ion, under a one-word banner : resilience. Ion soon lost his eyesight during childhood, and despite that, the free-talking young adult he became escaped the repressive romanian dictatorship together with his wife, herself also...

Qui Finisce l'Italia
Montage | Belgique | 2010

Summer 1959, Pier Paolo Pasolini boards on his Fiat Millecento to travel the Italian coastline, from Ventimiglia to Trieste. Along his journey, he writes a travel log, The long road of sand. Summer 2009, this film is taking us on Pasolini’s...

A Cycle of Fences
Montage | Belgique | 2010

In October 2008, I met and filmed Shawna Forde for a couple of hours. She was the head of the Minutemen American Defence in Arizona. A few months later, the project of shooting more footage together was suddenly interrupted by her arrest near...