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Image | France | 2021

Youcef Zenaf - known as "ZEF" - is my hero. Star of full-contact, unbeatable world champion of his generation, he rocked the nights of my childhood through the stories of my father. A fallen hero, a fatal fight plunged him 40 days into a coma from...

Babel Plaza, une oasis dans l'exil
Image | France | 2018

An island of life in the heart of the exodus right in the centre of Athens: City Plaza. A seven-storey building, squatted by anarchist networks in an ultimate act of "aggressive solidarity", so that more than 420 refugees can live in...

Entre les barreaux les mots
Image | France | 2017

At the biggest prison in Europe, which is nearby Paris, some inmates chose to read, learn literature, poetry. Between detention and reconstruction, the film brings a view that allows to approach differently men and women who live there and are...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Djinns, les esprits de Patras
Image | France | 2015

At the heart of a factory in ruins, facing the port in Patras in Greece. Wahid and Morteza, among fifty other Afghans who have fled the atrocities in their country, try their luck to get to Italy in hope of a better life in Europe. While waiting,...

Vivant !
Image | France | 2014

Five men meet for their first parachuting experience. They are going to live that instant when one accepts to dive into the unknown, becomes aware of their own fragility, of the possibility of death but also of the dimensions of the world and of...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Le Graveur
Image, Montage | France | 2014

"The Etcher" is a movie about an artiste who is looking for the esthetical side of the world that surrounds us.

Histoire de chiens
Image | France, Turquie | 2011

"Istanbul, 2010, tandis que la ville est promue capitale européenne de la culture, qui se souvient que des milliers de chiens ont été exterminés en 1910 au nom de l’occidentalisation et du progrès ? Des habitants répondent et témoignent...

Madagascar, carnet de voyage
Montage | France | 2009

ANIMATED DOCUMENTARY The Famadihana, a Madagascan custom meaning "turning over the dead", gives rise to major celebrations, dances, zebu sacrifices but above all demonstrates the importance of ancestor worship in Madagascan society. The story is...