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250 000 Ans
Son | Belgique | 2019

"(…) Louis XIII, à huit ans, fait un dessin semblable à celui que fait le fils d’un cannibale néo-calédonien. À huit ans, il a l’âge de l’humanité, il a au moins deux cent cinquante mille ans. Quelques années après il les a...

People Pebble
Son, Musique originale | France | 2017

A grainy hammer smashes down. A teenage skier whirls by and an old man is toppled by a wave. Black pyramids exchange roles with white cliffs. Natural or almost, these unstable features are a force to be protected, preserved, or otherwise played...

Changement de décor
Son | France | 2015

A 87-year-old man oversees the internal renovation of his luxurious property. Satisfied by his new house, he urges various people to come to visit it. This movie is the second part of a trilogy, a kaleidoscopic portrait of a singular character.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Langue de Molière
Son | France | 2014

Après plusieurs décennies d'école buissonnière, des séniors se retrouvent à Vincennes afin de passer un ultime examen. Cette épreuve ouvrira pour certains, à la manière d'un jugement dernier, les portes du "paradis de l'écriture". Ce...

Renée R. : lettres retrouvées
Son | France | 2014

"October 1958, a woman lost in a city she doesn’t know engage in a correspondence with her close relations, unaware that she is writing the novel of the last year of her life. September 2010, in a trunk of the family house’s attic, I find...

Paysage emprunté 2
Son | France | 2013

DOKU_FICTION The massacre was over before dawn. Then there was the cry of the woman, the photograph taken by the man who was ordered to be silent. The landscape was silent too.

Tonight and the People
Son | France, États-Unis | 2013

“In an imaginary Los Angeles, a bunch of cow-boys, a group of activists, three hippies, four teenagers and a few gangsters are waiting for a major event that is supposed to happen tonight. Meanwhile, they talk about their values, dreams, ideal...

Image, Son | France | 2012

From the river of doubt to the Mount Sinai the words blend with landscape. The map becomes poem, and the island, mysterious. I wanted to reach the island through the eyes of an explorer of Jules Verne’ novels. The one who discovers for the first...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Sweet Viking
Son | France | 2012

Jara, a young 30 years old singer, has to travel to attend an isolated region of her country, to see her father very sick. She leaves her Reykjavik flat to join the east of the island, at the south of Vatnajökul. Through this journey, we guess...

Image, Son, Musique originale | France | 2010

Une ligne frontière divise la Bosnie-Herzégovine en deux entités autonomes et dépendantes. Nous partons à la recherche de cette ligne, mais, peu à peu, les traces de sa présence viennent troubler l'enquête...

10 films