Program of The Residency


A main instructor (who is a scriptwriter & director) supervises the trainees for the whole period of time. He/she briefly hands over to one, then two other instructors.

In co-ordination with the main instructor, a film director suggests a simple, short directing exercise (no prior technical knowledge required) with the purpose of stating « here and now» the objective at stake in the project.

Two teaching assistants (scriptwriters-directors, editors, scriptwriters, etc) conduct individual interviews based on an in-depth reading of the projects after researching.


During the whole residency, individual working sessions take place in turns with group brainstorming about each project. Viewing and analyzing numerous documentary and feature films constantly fuel this reflection.

Systematically confronting the different projects to each other, along with reflecting on existing films, enables to come out of isolation and to highlight the characteristics of each possible writing approach.

Far from any standardized result, the Residency actually urges every filmmaker to develop his/her own filmmaking way.


Part one (~3 weeks in Lussas)

Guided by their main instructor, the participants work together on all projects, analyzing the issues “subject” and “form”. They also view together and analyze films made by former trainees, films that belong to the documentary film heritage (by Marker, Van der Keuken, Kramer, Godard, etc), and films from the contemporary production.

Individual research work: reading scripts and viewing films in relationship with their own project’s content and form.

Face to face with the instructor: analyzing, researching preparation, reviewing all possible options before researching.

Applied exercises (shooting, photographing, sound recording) and group analysis of the results.
Making a very short film based on the project’s purpose.


Part two (~2 and a half weeks)

Researching (place, characters, situation...) in the field, and if necessary researching archival footage.
Second rewriting step, meant to incorporate the elements collected during the researching.


Part three (~3 weeks in Lussas)

Group and individual analysis of the updated projects after researching.
Face to face with the two tutors.
Group and individual exercises. Then writing of a new version of each project.



Selection of the trainees

The training program is open to all scriptwriters-directors, including beginners. Only creation documentary projects are eligible: they must reflect the author’s point of view.

Every scriptwriter-director can present his/her project, whether or not already supported by a producer.
Applicants must be fluent in French, both written and spoken. Applications are evaluated by a panel made up of several members of the trade. They do not provide any written review, but applicants can ask for explanations by phone.


Training and project follow-up

Several months after the end of the training course, a few scripts developed during the session can apply to be supported by film devices created by Ardèche Images, that aim at having some of the film projects duly produced (Meetings with producers, Encounters with broadcasters and public partners, etc).


Professional participants in previous programs: Vladimir Léon, Jacques Deschamps, Alain-Paul Mallard,  Olivier Dury, Pierre Hanau, Emmanuel Parraud...