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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment À Alexandre Sergueïevitch
Marie André | Belgique | 2007 | 57 mn

The story unfolds in the life of a young Belgian poet who, like the great Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, has African blood in his veins. Sometimes the poet enjoys that life, at other times he puts up with it like everyone else. Poetry, music,...

À Bamako, les femmes sont belles...
Christiane Succab-Goldman | France | 1995 | 65 mn

They are graceful indeed. A strength emanates from them wherever they come from and whatever background. They look languid but is their way to hide their dynamism. They are a mixture of modernity, tradition and humour. Seydou Keita, the...

À Belle Rouvière, les enfants
Anaëlle Godard | France | 2010 | 25 mn

In the mountain somewhere in the Cévennes, the inhabitants of a small village named Belle Rouvière are hosts to a group of autistic children. For a moment, they live there, together.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment À bras le corps
Béatrice Chauvin | France | 1998 | 22 mn

The gym class at school. A strange memory for every one of us. But for the pupils of the 5e V class in this secondary school, boisterous, excited and used to getting only 2/20, this is where they decide to get down to work. They learn to be...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment A Bridge over Troubled Water
Raphaël Grisey | France | 2003 | 63 mn

A branch of Universal Music is located by the waterside in a district of East Berlin. This film takes a look at the leisure industry and the way in which it marks the bodies of those who work for it; and its commercialisation, work and music, the...

A Carp Jumps in his Mind
Christelle Lheureux | France | 2005 | 33 mn

Inspired by watching at "Barefoot Gen", a manga by Keiji Nakazawa. From this movie, we will see nothing. A voice is telling us their story. The voice of a young Japanese boy, wandering by the mountains around Hiroshima, sixty years later. The...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment À Caylus
Collectif | France | 2007 | 21 mn

"À Caylus" s’inscrit dans le festival "Les Hivernales du documentaire", initiative portée par l'association Le Fond et la Forme (professionnels de l'image et du son et réalisateurs de documentaires). Le festival, qui a lieu dans plusieurs...

À Cerbère
Claire Childéric | France | 2013 | 37 mn

A Cerbère, dernier village en France avant la frontière espagnole, les voies ferrées ne se rejoignent pas. Sur le chantier, les hommes changent les essieux des trains. C’est la valse des roues. Dans l’hôtel du Belvédère, c’est aussi ...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment A Certain Amount of Clarity
Emmanuel Van der Auwera | Belgique | 2014 | 30 mn

A certain amount of clarity is an experimental documentary. Teenagers are watching a video on internet while videotaping their own reactions. Fragments after fragments, this loose community express their comments and witness a deep trouble in a...

À chacun son Algérie
Caroline Philibert | France | 2013 | 55 mn

50 ans après l’indépendance de l’Algérie, proclamée en 1962, les plaies sont encore vives pour ceux qui ont été mêlés, d’une manière ou d’une autre, aux sept années de guerre qui l’ont précédée. Le silence a pesé comme une...

14958 films