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À l'est de l'enfer
Matthieu Canaguier | France | 2013 | 45 mn

Surabaya : a maze of concrete and iron. At the heart of the city, a whole generation of young Indonesians gather around an underground music : Black Metal. This movement originated in Europe, has been reinvented by local groups: Western codes...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Anoumalë
Jean-Luc Cohen, Louis Bastin | France | 2007 | 52 mn

After spending a long time as a French teacher in the village of Antecum Pata in French Guyana, François Puzenat retired and moved to the Ardèche region in France. Today, he continues to maintain his close ties with the young villagers and...

Avoir 15 ans sur le plateau
Galès Moncomble, Isabelle Solas | France | 2012 | 53 mn

Un petit collège de la montagne ardéchoise. Un univers clos et protégé qui fait face à l’immensité de la nature. Au fil des saisons, des adolescents vivent, se construisent et se préparent à l’envol…

BE'JAM BE et cela n'aura pas de fin
Cyprien Ponson, Caroline Parietti | France, Suisse | 2017 | 97 mn

In Sarawak, one of the two Malay states on the island of Borneo, "the ones who live upstream" are the first affected by the deforestation. The Penan, once a nomadic people, are caught today in the eye of that storm: how to go on living when...

Brigitte Senut, la femme aux fossiles
Philippe Ayme | France | 2012 | 52 mn

Professeure de paléontologie au Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, récompensée en 2008 par le prix Joliot-Curie, comme "femme scientifique de l'année", Brigitte Senut est pourtant parfois perçue comme "hérétique" dans son combat...

Ce qu'il reste à finir...
Lisa Diaz | France | 2011 | 52 mn

In 1983, a band of hippies descends on Ardèche, abandoning Paris and materialism for an alternative lifestyle. Setting up a commune, they live in the moment, seeking pleasure, friendship and most of all a utopian lifestyle unbridled by the...

Les Chebabs de Yarmouk
Axel Salvatori-Sinz | France | 2012 | 77 mn

The Shebabs have made up a small group of boys & girls since they were teens. Now on the eve of adulthood, they have a genuine thirst for life and for absolute, while being all confronted to intricate situations. Between the need for freedom and...

Cherche zone blanche désespérément
Marc Khanne | France | 2013 | 58 mn

Because of the current explosion of artificial electromagnetic waves, some people are seeing their lives seriously troubled - both socially and health wise. They are known as "Electrohypersensitive". They have to protect themselves against mobile...

Chris Marker
Arnaud Lambert, Jean-Marie Barbe | France | 2015 | 146 mn

A writer, filmmaker, essayist, world traveller, photo- grapher, engaged intellectual and eulogist of the ima- ginary, who played a little piano, painted a little too, and liked animals, Chris Marker explored most of the human means of expression....

Le cinéaste est un athlète, conversations avec Vittorio De Seta
Vincent Sorrel, Barbara Vey | France | 2010 | 80 mn

With this portrait of Vittorio De Seta, the film centres on the relationship the film-maker created with those he filmed, the poor, to carry them with elegance onto the big screen, in colour and Cinemascope.

40 films