A resource center about documentary cinema


Photo de la Maison du doc

(Photographie : Tadeusz Paczula - droits réservés) 

Maison du doc was created in 1994 as the result of the dynamics previously developed in Lussas for many years: producing and showing documentary films.

It aims at subserving documentary creation and the showing of films, thanks to its different missions:


- Spotting and collecting films, then listing them in a computer database,


- Filing and preserving documentary documents on video material in a video library,

- Forwarding information about documentary films to professionals, private people and all networks related to knowledge, education and socio-cultural activities,


- Helping for the showing of documentary films,

- Promoting documentary films with new audiences, by participating in major French documentary events Mois du Film Documentaire (Doc Month) and Printemps du documentaire (Doc Spring), and by initiating partnerships with local socio-cultural operators.