Zebda, l'écho de la rumeur
Michel Carrière
1996 - 52 min - France

Eight musicians from the northern suburbs of Toulouse have formed "Zebda", a group that raps with a rock orchestration. Attentive to the fate of the young people confined between the walls of the housing developments, the "Zebda" eight, "the voice of those who have no voice", aspire to notoriety without giving up the expression of a militant solidarity. Energy and ideas abound, and although their social criticism is hard-hitting, the message is generous.
"Zebda" was born in a local association in the Bourbaki development. [...] Magid, song-writer and singer, and the Amokrane brothers, chorus and rappers, are proud of their Kabyle roots and their Gascon birth. The youngsters in their district admire them and go to a lot of trouble to ensure that the organization of the festival "Ça bouge au Nord!", instigated by the group, is a success. On stage, "Zebda" stirs up the crowds with ironic texts about the mayor of Toulouse, denounces television that drives you mad and gets indignant about remarks about immigrants. [...] Anaïs Prosaïc.