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You Go Tempo
( Law of the jungle )

Yseult Digan
2001 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Shot, edited and treated like a piece of Drum & Bass with its effects, its cut-ups and its visual experiments, "You Go Tempo" is an excursion to the world of a booming French Drum & Bass scene.
Between Paris, London, Orléans and Toulouse, thanks to her light mini-DV, the director, Yseult Digan, immersed herself for two years in this hyperactive scene with, as the thread running through it, the BMC association and its party organisers.
Accomplices of this instant sound and sight, around fifteen French and European artistes share their impressions about this musical movement – meeting point of electro, hip-hop and ragga – its different trends, its parallel economy, its specialised media, its places, its labels...
Magic moments of improvisation, highly charged live sequences, and crazy free parties alternate with clip sequences, tributes to the urban worlds from which Drum & Bass has come. Following the example of these MC-DJ-producers, who are more and more independent thanks to new technology, Yseult Digan has given priority to networks, resourcefulness and the digital low budget and has produced her film with the video film-makers’ cooperative, Moonsoon Project.

Author-Director : Yseult Digan
Author : Tommy Addington
Author : Joe Addington
Delegate Producer : Moonsoon Project
Contribution : BMC


Distributor : Moonsoon Project
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