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Yiddish Eliz
Natacha Sillègue
2002 - 28 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - France

Eliz is a young girl who decided to convert to Judaism at the age of 22. From an atheist Communist family, Eliz says she was a "victim of someone else’s story". This someone else is her grandfather, deported during the Second World War.
During her childhood, the lumping together of "deported = Jew" found an obvious place in Eliz’s mind, to such a point that she felt invested with a mission : conversion. A quest that took her to Hungary. Syndrome of prevented memory, liberating act of a strange guilt, testimony of love or simply the exuberance of an excessive young woman ?
Ethnographic documentary or caustic portrait ? "Yiddish Eliz" is a documentary that can be read two ways but ends only one way !

Author-Director : Natacha Sillègue
Delegate Producer : Natacha Sillègue


Distributor : Natacha Sillègue
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