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Women Defying Barriers
Guy Davidi
2009 - 15 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - Italie

English Summary
Suad from Jenin and Zahra from East Jerusalem are facing a strong dilemma, when they met the Israeli girls in Bologna the atmosphere was calm enough for them to overcome their hesitations and meet Israelis but now as the Gaza war started the disrupting images of deaths are putting in doubt the continuation of this relation.
Iris from Tel Aviv and Yael from West Jerusalem are joining together to demonstrate against the war in Gaza. The extreme sentiment of threat in the demonstration due to the massive presence of people came to confront with the protesters is showing them how their struggle for change is limited.
In front of the separation wall, the four women meet again to see if this relation can be maintained and if so than what for?

Auteur-Réalisateur : Guy Davidi
Producteur délégué : Centro Documentazione Donne
Coproducteur : JCW
Coproducteur : Bat-Shalom
Participation : Media


Distributeur : Centro Documentazione Donne
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