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Within the River, Among the Trees
( No Meio do Rio, Entre as Árvores )

Jorge Bodanzky
2010 - 70 min - Digital vidéo - Brésil

Catuá-Ipixuna, Mamirauá, Uatumã and Uacari are some of the environmental reserves located in the Amazon basin and examples of a total of 35 communities totalling 16.4 million acres of forest in conservation areas. The river is the only means of access to these communities. The film crew used the structure of the Native Project, led by filmmaker Jorge Bodanzky, using a boat equipped with digital cameras, plus the entire infrastructure necessary to navigate for several weeks and hundreds of kilometres. The documentary counted with the active participation of the local inhabitants in capturing images, testimonials, choice of themes and image editing. Access to technology by means of movie workshop gave the cabloc a voice and, since they are in a region of great socio-environmental pressure, showed in a very transparent way, their battle for survival and awareness about the importance of the forest in fighting climatic changes. From the heart o the Amazon to the world, we come to know that it is the daily life of these people who live in the farthest reach of Brasilia. What they think, what their dreams and hopes are, how they solve the problems they face for living Within The River, Among the Trees.

Author-Director : Jorge Bodanzky
Photography : Jorge Pennington
Sound : Alice Bodanzky
Editing : Rodrigo Menecucci
Delegate Producer : Raiz Produções Cinematográficas
Co-producer : Idea Forte


Distributor : Raiz Produções Cinematográficas