Winter in Lviv
Till Mayer, Pirmin Styrnol
2018 - 17 min - Couleur - Allemagne

English summary
„Winter in Lviv“ is a short-documentary about the situation of four Ukrainian women, trying to get by in a country that is struggling with an escalating conflict on the Eastern border as well as a heavy economic crisis.
The protagonists are: Nurse Olha Roman is 75 years old, but still working. Because the Ministry of Health Affairs stopped paying her salary, she works as a volunteer and lives from her pension. Sofia Wojtsychiwska is a pensioner, who has to search for scrap paper in the streets in order to survive, because her pension is not enough to make a living. She lives in an apartment without warm water or a heater. Iryna Bjenko-Schul is almost 100 years old and survived two concentration camps. She now lives in a small flat in Lviv and hopes for peace in her country. She doesn’t want another generation of young people to lose their youth to a war. Nahorna Natalya Wadymiwna lost her son at the front in Eastern Ukraine. The mother was searching several months for the dead body of her son. After finally finding him, she brought him to the graveyard in Lviv.
The non-profit short-documentary "Winter in Lviv" is produced in black and white and was edited voluntarily by the Team. The production took place in the winters of 2016 and 2017.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Till Mayer, Pirmin Styrnol
Image : Till Mayer, Hendrik Steffens, Dustin Hemmerlein
Son : Maik Styrnol
Montage : Dustin Hemmerlein, Hendrik Steffens
Musique originale : Maik Styrnol
Producteur délégué : Till Mayer


Distributeur : Aug&Ohr Medien