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William Faulkner Série-Collection : Un siècle d'écrivains

Marc Jampolsky
1995 - 45 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

William Faulkner was one of America's most celebrated writers, whose work is a monument to the American South where he was born in 1902 and spent most of his life.
Though he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature - for works such as "The Sound and the Fury", "While I Lay Dying", "Sanctuary", "Absalom ! Absalom !" - he was always a controversial figure in America, because of his frank treatment of difficult subjects such as incest, rape and racial bigotry. As well as extracts from Faulkner's work, this film draws on archival photographs and footage, combined with fictionalised reconstructions and voice-over commentary. The result is a portrait of a man whose complex and often tormented personality reflected the agonies of America's deep South in a time of social change.

Author-Director : Marc Jampolsky
Author : Michel Abescat
Delegate Producer : Gédéon Programmes
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3
Contribution : CNC, Procirep, DLL (Direction du Livre et de la Lecture), FAVI (Fonds audiovisuel international)


Distributor : Europe images international
Not commercial Distribution : Images de la culture (CNC)
Circulation-Consultation : BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Département de l'Audiovisuel