Where The Grass Grows Highest
( Wo das Gras am höchsten wächst )

Philip Hallay
2016 - 51 min - HD - Couleur - Allemagne

English summary
Begzuren lives in the ger district of Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Due to a lack of space, survival is very difficult. Still tourists from all over the world come into his modest ger to exchange life experiences.
Dalai’s lives in Bayangol Sum, a two hours drive from Ulan Bator. Instead of living in a chaotic metropolis, he enjoys the vastness of the veldt. His son, destined to inherit his father’s nomadic tradition, is secretly dreaming of Ulan Bator.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Philip Hallay
Auteur : Christian Spieß
Image : Philip Hallay
Son : Christian Spieß
Producteur délégué : Fachhochschule Dortmund FB2


Distributeur : Aug&Ohr Medien