Welcome Home a Movie About Him
Irène Sinou
2015 - 50 min - HD - Couleur - France

England April 2013.
London is upside down. The Iron Lady just passed away. In the streets people shout and debate the heritage she left:
- “Margaret Thatcher came in 1979 and put the great back into Great-Britain.”
Among the crowd, a woman answers: “- I’m from the North an am telling you know, she devastating the North, and still no jobs and the kids are on drugs.”
The North, it’s Liverpool where Hymn was born. Bearded with fifty years of age, he sits on the pavement scribbling with a piece of chalk among the shadows. “My name is Hymn, he says, ‘cause I find it suits my anonymity best.”
Hymn decides to live on the road with no possessions and draws us away out of London following the river as his story develops.
A story of a child who dived into darkness and who today tells us with delight what he finds in a simple life: climb up to the cave, light a fire, dance with the rain, and tell a story. His freedom shines in the blackness of his eyes.
“People believe that there is this catastrophe and the world gonna end. We don’t want it to end, we wanna keep having an ex-fucking-sperience”
And it’s this “ex-fucking-sperience” that Hymn shares with us, the experience of someone who manage trick destiny and to change his melody. From Liverpool to the tranquillity, Hymn reveals himself in fragments and tells the story of someone aiming at liberty.

Author-Director : Irène Sinou
Photography : Irène Sinou
Sound : Charles Dubois
Editing : Irène Sinou
Original Music : Joolz Webb, Dave Kyrrell
Delegate Producer : Mosha prod


Distributor : Mosha prod
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2015 - Visions du réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Sélection Doc Outlook International Market