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Voyage aux régions équinoxiales du nouveau continent
( José Lezama Lima, les tropes, les tropiques et l'avenir )

Mauricio Hernández
2013 - 164 min - Super 8 mm & DV Cam - Couleur et Noir & blanc - France

Rarely can one completely identify a man with a city. It is the case, as María Zambrano has said, of Thomas and Aquinas, Socrates and Athens or indeed José Lezama Lima and Havana; it is rarer still, we should add, that such an identification may be extended to the realm of language, to the degree that it can be said that "Spanish is a Lezamian creed".
The film proposes to approach an œuvre which, despite the fragmentation imposed by of the authoritarianism of History, reveals itself today –a hundred years after the birth of the poet- through its historical and philosophical impact, as a singular and necessary point of departure in contemporary thought.

Author-Director : Mauricio Hernández
Photography : Mauricio Hernández
Sound : Leïla Colin-Navaï, Fivos Maniatakos
Editing : Mauricio Hernández
Delegate Producer : Mauricio Hernández


Distributor : Mauricio Hernández
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