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Voyage au pays de Heidi
A Journey
( Heidis Land - Eine Reise )

Susanne Quester
2012 - 48 min - 16 mm - Couleur - Allemagne

The   story   of   the   orphan   child   Heidi   who   lives   with her   grumpy   old grandfather   high   up   in   the   idyllic   Swiss   Alps   had   been   a   world   wide success   ever   since   its   first   publication   in   1880.   Many   generations   grew up  with  the  characters  of  “Alpo?hi”  and  the  “Goatpeter”  and  were  touched by  Heidi's  sad  yet  beautiful  childhood.
The  author  Susanne  Quester  asks  adults  to  tell  us  the  story of  Heidi  from their  memory.  As  they  do  we  hear  different  versions  telling  us  as  much about   the   story   itself   as   about   the   different   recollections   of   their childhood.   Quester   takes   us   along   on   a   nostalgic   journey   through   the Alps   in   search   for   something   that   only   exists   in   our   minds   and   our memory:  Heidi's  land.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Susanne Quester
Montage : Susanne Quester
Producteur délégué : If... Productions
Coproducteur : HFF (Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film) München


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