Voyage à Pékin
Albert Kahn
1909 - 27 min - Noir & Blanc - France

In 1909 Albert Kahn travelled to China with his “chauffeur-cinematographer”, Alfred Dutertre. Carrying the most advanced photographic and cinematographic equipment, they made a round-the-world trip, to begin a project collecting images of the planet, which will be known as « The Archives of the Planet ». Kahn’s aim is « to fix the practices, the aspects and the modes of human activity, whose fatal disappearance is only a question of time ». His goal is to reconcile the people of the world and foster peace.
This film, edited in 1986, shows images of Beijing, Kalgan (Zhangjiakou) and Nankou, illustrated by excerpts from the diary of Albert Dutertre, read by Michael Lonsdale.

Author-Director : Albert Kahn
Photography : Albert Dutertre
Editing : Jocelyne Leclercq, Robert Weiss
Delegate Producer : Conseil général des Hauts-de-Seine


Distributor : Musée Albert Kahn


2012 - Festival International Jean Rouch, Paris (France) : Séance spéciale & Sélection Regards Comparés