Chloé Seyssel
2019 - 94 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Suisse

Europe is experiencing its worst migration crisis since World War II. While governments are struggling to find acceptable solutions, some have decided to act; they are citizens and they are volunteers.
Meet four swiss women: Katja, Lisa, Hélène and Mireille who have one day decided to provide help to migrants. All were so deeply shaken by what they saw, that they had no hesitation to continue. Despite encountering prejudices or lack of interest from their fellow citizens, they carry on; they fight on and don’t give up. Their commitment puts in question our society, but also our History in a world where the attitude of “men for himself" seems to take over. Are we ready, at the expense of human lives, to assume the tragedy that unfolds before our eyes? These women, whom we follow between testimonies and actions, understand that this adventure is not only useful to the thousands of migrants in trouble, but also to our entire society.

Author-Director : Chloé Seyssel
Photography : Chloé Seyssel
Sound : Chloé Seyssel
Editing : Chloé Seyssel
Delegate Producer : Framevox Production


Distributor : Framevox Production


2019 - Aventiclap, Avenches (Suisse) : Mention spéciale