Ville des morts
( Ciudad de los muertos )

Miguel Eek
2019 - 55 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Espagne

English summary
Death is still a taboo that causes fascination and fear in equal parts. Nevertheless, there are people who face it every day in their work and have found another way to understand and cope with it.
The cemetery and the funeral home in Palma are the settings for this story. "City of the Dead" is a film on death, driven by those who have learned to live with it.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Miguel Eek
Image : Joan Vidal
Son : Ruben Perez
Montage : Aina Calleja
Producteur délégué : Mosaic Producciones


Distributeur : Movies for Festivals, 3BoxMedia


2019 - FIPADOC Biarritz, Biarritz (France) : Sélection