Un chemin de sagesse
Olivier Maréchaux, Luc Maréchaux
2001 - 48 min - Mini DV - Couleur - France

A vision of Hinduism thanks to the portrait of Vidjayananda.
He is a French doctor, who left for India about fifty years ago to follow the teaching of Mâ Ananda Môyî. Today he has become a spiritual master deeply admired and respected by the Hindus.
His story is an astonishing radical career within the great mystic tradition of India.

Author-Director : Olivier Maréchaux, Luc Maréchaux
Delegate Producer : Black Maria productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : TSR (Télévision suisse romande)


Distributor : Inner Quest
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
Circulation-Consultation : BPI (Bibliothèque publique d'information)
Disponible au Club du doc


2004 - Images en bibliothèques, Paris (France) : Film soutenu par la Commission nationale de sélection des médiathèques