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Vers Tombouctou
L'Afrique des explorateurs
Jean-Claude Lubtchansky
1999 - 52 min - France

In the late 17th century, Europeans knew the coasts of Africa well thanks to trade (seeds, ivory, gold, slaves), but not at all the interior. Since the Middle Ages, one legendary city had fascinated them : Timbuctoo, the capital of gold. Reaching Timbuctoo became one of the stakes in the great Franco-English rivalry.
Thanks to the precursors, deepest Africa became better known by the European nations. But, very rapidly, strategies for conquest were implemented to exploit its riches and enslave the inhabitants. In a few decades, in spite of African resistance, the Europeans made real empires for themselves...

Author-Director : Jean-Claude Lubtchansky
Author : Anne Hugon
Delegate Producer : Trans Europe film
Co-producer : Éditions Gallimard
Broadcasting Co-producer : La Sept ARTE


Distributor : Trans Europe film