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Vacations in November
( Otpusk v nojabre )

Pavel Medvedev
2002 - 20 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Russie

The main hero of this documentary is Yura, a young miner who spends most of his life working under the earth’s surface. He works hard every day but fails to receive his salary. He finally decides to try and make a living elsewhere. It is deer hunting season on the Russian tundra, and Yura is able to earn a lot of meat and some money. Moreover, the slaughtering of two hundred deer in one season is a psychological outlet for him.
"Some people relax with alcohol or women or playing cards. For me, this is a way to blow off steam." He believes that the negative energy that comes out during this carnage makes him gentler with his wife and children. The harsh life in this remote part of Russia is set against the majestic beauty of the natural landscape.

Author-Director : Pavel Medvedev
Delegate Producer : Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio


Distributor : Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio