Une simple parole
Khady Sylla, Mariama Sylla Faye
2014 - 63 min - HD - Couleur - Sénégal

In my family, one of the last guardians of the genealogy is my grandmother Penda Diogo Sarr. She knows the heroic deeds of the ancestors and all the important names in the lineage. According to President and poet Senghor, the only dead man is the one whose name is no longer pronounced. She came to our house while my mother was on her deathbed and strong relationships developed between us.
This Word is threatened. In our family, we are the second generation to read and write. Who will carry on singing the praises of the lineage? In order to fight against the destruction of ancestors Word, I decided to switch from oral tradition to a videotaped tradition.

Author-Director : Khady Sylla, Mariama Sylla Faye
Photography : Joris Lachaise
Sound : Rassoul Sow
Editing : Rodolphe Respaud, Joris Lachaise
Original Music : Bogol Niang, Daly Ba, Wasis Diop
Delegate Producer : Guiss-Guiss Communication
Broadcasting Co-producer : Aljazeera Documentary Channel


Distributor : Guiss-Guiss Communication


2014 - Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Toronto (Canada) : Sélection
2014 - Festival du film documentaire de Saint-Louis, Saint Louis (Sénégal) : Sélection officielle