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Un marchand, des artistes et des collectionneurs
Sylvie Faguer, Jean-Luc Léon
1996 - 71 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

The main protagonists of this social satire are the art dealers Marianne and Pierre Nahon and the very official French artists Arman and Lois Cane. The latter need the former to sell their works, whereas the former need the best artists to help their business flourish and, above all, to make a name for themselves. For the art dealer, selling is the objective, not for the artist. At least not usually, unless the artist is like Arman, an African art enthusiast.
With this film, Jean-Luc Léon introduces us to the small world of contemporary art. He gathers caustic commentaries and provocative situations concerning rivalries, conflicts, power and money, which are prevalent in this area.
With subtlety, humour, mordancy, and at times even mischief, the film-maker reveals the decadence of this small, rich and fashionable world. At is not the subject of this film, money is.

Author-Director : Sylvie Faguer, Jean-Luc Léon
Delegate Producer : Ex nihilo
Co-producer : Album productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : Channel 4, La Sept ARTE
Contribution : CNC, Procirep, Media II (1996-2000)


Distributor : Ex nihilo
Disponible au Club du doc


1997 - Scam, Paris (France) : Documentaire de l'année