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Un gentilhomme têtu Série-Collection : La Vie de château

Jean-Louis Fournier
1996 - 26 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

Bertrand Bergerot, ticket inspector in the SNCF (the railway), takes his cap off at 16:05 every day and goes home a fortified Burgundian manor house of the 15th century : the castle of Rosières.
A castle sold to his farmer father with the surrounding land by an owner who had no use for it and who owned other property. Not knowing what to do with it, the generous parents offered it to their son on his twenty-fourth birthday.
Today, Bertrand, who grew up in the shadow of the castle, has flung himself body and soul - but without a ha'penny - (with subsidies from the Historical Monuments Government Department which are slow to arrive), into the restoring of the dwelling work which is still today far from being finished. Every day, every week-end, between any rare visits from tourists, Bertrand goes all over his castle in workman's overalls, covered in plaster and paint, to manage to finish this gueer kind of present.

Author-Director : Jean-Louis Fournier
Delegate Producer : Méditerranée film production
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3


Distributor : Méditerranée film production