Un fond de terroir
Le Petit Musée du Bizarre à Lavilledieu, en Ardèche
Éric Manigaud, Gérald Bortoluzzi
2003 - 35 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

This documentary pays homage to Serge Tchielski, known as Candide.
Primarily a second-hand goods dealer and displayer of curiosities, he slowly turned away from these bourgeois objects to become head-curator and 'chief-sweeper' (as he would call himself) of the Little Museum of the Bizarre. Candide spent more than 30 years of his life collecting discarded objects of folk art that had been selflessly made by shepherds, old men or naive craftsmen. In particular, he discovered Gerard Lattier, the painter, whose works can be seen in two vaulted rooms of the museum. Their shared interest in telling a different history of art, based on the oral tradition, has given rise to a long-standing friendship, to which this film bears witness through the dialogue it creates.

Author-Director : Éric Manigaud, Gérald Bortoluzzi
Original Music : André Délimata
Delegate Producer : Éric Manigaud


Distributor : Éric Manigaud
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