Tren dla miasta Szydlowa (Lament for Szydlowo Town)
Bogdan Dziworski
1974 - 10 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Pologne

Lyrical reportage from the small beautiful medieval town Szydlowo once rich and crowded. The town has been rebuilt after second world war, having an unique architecture, but no people in the streets. Only during the All Souls’ Day the town wakes up from the lethargy.
The film is pervaded by a mysterious atmosphere…

Author-Director : Bogdan Dziworski
Author : Stanislaw Janicki
Photography : Stanislaw Janicki
Sound : Jozef Pietrow
Editing : Anna Nawrocka
Delegate Producer : WFO (Wytwornia Filmow Oswiatowych)


Distributor : WFO (Wytwornia Filmow Oswiatowych)