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Nicola Mai
2016 - 63 min - HD - Couleur - France

Joy left Nigeria to help her family after her father’s death. She knew that she was going to sell sex in France, but she was unaware of the degree of exploitation she would face. With the help of an association she obtains asylum, but to help her family and live her life she keeps selling sex at night.
This documentary ethnofiction was co-written and played by Nicola Mai and eight Nigerian women with experiences of migration, sex work and trafficking. Joy is a fictional character embodying their collective and individual experiences while protecting their identities.

Author-Director : Nicola Mai
Photography : Tristan Clamorgan, Jean-Baptiste Mees
Sound : Hadrien Bayard
Editing : Jean-Michel Perez
Delegate Producer : Anamorphose
Co-producer : Lemon


Distributor : Anamorphose
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