Tiger's II Rules
( Autarcie Tiger's II )

Naïmé Perrette
2014 - 38 min - HD - Couleur - Pays-Bas

Six days per week, the eight fishermen of the Tiger's II work day and night at sea in the north of France. We discover the patterns of their group dynamics as we watch how they respond to the intense rhythm of the work, the distance from women and the integration of new recruits. This film goes into a male trio's intimacy, portraying the youth embarked on the boat.
Stéphane, 24 years old, starts his career and builds his identity under Jino and Bertrand's guidance, both having been on board for years. Later, the young Miguel joins the crew, but quickly gives up this challenging job. If the quick integration of Stéphane strengthens the crew's cohesion, the desertion of the teenager shortly disrupts the joyful pride that cements their daily balance.
Far at sea, their life on land feeds the conversations that show today's condition of a certain working-class youth. Humour, self-esteem, and feeling of belonging carry on along the cycles that structure their lives.
Tiger's II Rules depicts the motivations of young men who have chosen a life marked by hard physical constraints, and how they establish their sense of empowerment in their isolated context.


Distributor : Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten
Distributor : Naïmé Perrette


2015 - Les Écrans Documentaires, Arcueil (France) : Sélection Premiers/ Seconds films