The Story of A Man Who Filled 552% of The Quota
( Opowiesc o czlowieku ktory wykonal 552% normy )
Série-Collection : Polska Szkola Dokumentu

Wojciech Wiszniewski
1973 - 25 min - Noir & Blanc - Pologne

English summary
This is the first of the five short films, which are quintessential to Wiszniewski’s artist output. It’s protagonist, Bernard Budgol, is a miner and legendary leader of socialist labour in the 40s and 50s. Showing few signs of artistic intervention, this film comes closest to the traditional documentary form. It consists of commentaries by Bugdol himself, other miners, his wife and children, interspersed with fragments from a variety of socialist realist material; such as songs, statues, portraits, poems about Bugdol and footage from Polish Newsreels devoted to him.


Distributeur : Polskie Wydawnictwo Audiowizualne
Édition DVD : Polska Szkola Documentu