The Secret
( Il Segreto )

2013 - 89 min - Couleur - Italie

Many neighborhoods in Naples still celebrate the ritual of the bonfires of Saint Anthony in mid January. Kids start collecting firewood after New Year’s, sometimes venturing far from home to look for it. Every group stashes their wood in a different hiding place, "the secret", so they can protect it from being raided by other neighboring groups. Checco Lecco’s gang from the Spanish Quarters has been hiding spruces of all sizes in an abandoned site: it was cleared twenty years before when they demolished a building damaged by the 1980 earthquake. Every afternoon, the kids leave from their "secret" in small groups and head to the elegant parts of town to retrieve Christmas trees discarded after the holidays.

Author-Director : Cyop&Kaf
Photography : Ciro Malatesta
Sound : Massimo Mariani
Editing : Alessandra Carchedi
Original Music : Enzo Avitabile
Delegate Producer : Parallelo 41 Produzioni


Distributor : Parallelo 41 Produzioni
Disponible au Club du doc


2015 - Millenium - Festival international du documentaire, Bruxelles (Belgique) : Panorama "Connaître l'Autre
2014 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Prix Joris Ivens & Prix des Jeunes
2014 - Terra di cinema, Paris (France) : Meilleur documentaire
2014 - Fronteira International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival, Goiânia (Brésil) : Prix spécial du Jury
2014 - Doclisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental, Lisbonne (Portugal) : Compétition Internationale