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The Scared
( Los Sagrados )

Miguel Rozas
2021 - 25 min - Vidéo Full HD - Noir & Blanc - Belgique, Chili

Elsa and Antonio (two Mapuche elders), live with their granddaughter in a modest house. The precarity of the terminally ill Antonio, leads his wife Elsa to seek the help of a Mapuche shaman, a Machi.
Through an ancient ritual, the Machi tries to heal him from the unknown disease that will eventually cause his death. Antonio's departure plunges Elsa into a state of despair and profound silence. Her only recourse is to sit and wait to meet her loved one again.

Author-Director : Miguel Rozas
Photography : Miguel Rozas
Sound : Miguel Rozas, Boris Israel
Editing : Miguel Rozas
Delegate Producer : Rozasestudio


Distributor : Rozasestudio
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