Gianluca Salluzzo
2019 - Video Full HD - Couleur - Italie

A street basketball court, protected with a wooden covering and carved out of the Coca Cola Pavilion from the 2015 Expo, is surrounded by maples and poplars at Robinson Park in Milan, near the residential neighbourhood of Moncucco with the Famagosta highway circling by.
In this cathedral of basketball that is 12 meters high, Filipino teens celebrate their passion for this sport every day while the sun’s rays filter the light among the columns and the billboards that seem to be wooden beams floating in the air and the night, when the LED lights shine on the court, you can see that the teens are still playing basketball.
Showcasing birthday parties at night, choreographed group dances, Sunday picnics, tournaments, conversations on the side of the courts, this documentary shows, throughout the four seasons of the year, the way that the Philippine community lives and enjoys this cult location.

Author-Director : Gianluca Salluzzo
Author : Gianluca Salluzzo
Photography : Gianluca Salluzzo
Sound : Gianluca Salluzzo
Editing : Gianluca Salluzzo
Delegate Producer : Gianluca Salluzzo


Distributor : Gianluca Salluzzo


2019 - Filmmakerfest, Milan (Italie) : Prix du Jury