The Greatest Wish II
( Nejvetsí prání II )

Jan Spata
1990 - 85 min - 35 mm - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Tchécoslovaquie

In 1964, Jan Spata created this documentary called "The Greatest Wish", an enquette about the desires of the young generation. It was a time of political liberalization and thus also a time of beautiful visons and desires.
In 1969, the film was banned. Jan Spata came back to his "Greatest Wish" in 1990 and created a feature documentary comparing that period with the 1989 events. He even found some people interviewed in 1964 and asked them to speak again, now being twenty five years older.

Author-Director : Jan Spata
Photography : Vladimír Skalsky
Sound : Miroslav Simcík
Editing : Jan Petras
Delegate Producer : Krátky Film Praha


Distributor : Národní Filmovy Archive