Florian Namias
2017 - 28 min - Video 2K - Couleur - France

Aran: three rocky windswept islands off the Irish coast. At first of hostile appearance, they seem to reveal sensations usually hidden by the noise of human society. Sound variations as mirrors of interior states lead our encounter with a strange sympathy between man and nature.

Author-Director : Florian Namias
Photography : Ryszard Karcz
Sound : Florian Namias
Editing : Emmanuelle Baude, Léa Chatauret, Luc Benazet
Delegate Producer : Tamam Films
Contribution : CNC. Aide au développement


Distributor : Tamam Films


2018 - Grenzland Filmtage Selb, Selb (Allemagne) : Sélection
2017 - Visions du Réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Sélection
2017 - FIFIG - Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix, Île de Groix (France) : Sélection