Signed Dali
Xavier Lavant, Philippe Elusse
2018 - 52 min - Video 4K - Couleur - France

Robert Descharnes and his son Nicolas, both art experts, used to work hand in hand with Salvador Dali. During the 80’s, they were responsible for cleaning up the art market from fake Dali paintings.
The film shows Nicolas at work, evaluating supposed or authentic Dali art works. Each particular piece drives us to a specific moment of the life of the Catalan artist, throwing a new light on it and conveying surprising anecdotes.
The story starts in a cave study, a place where thousands of photographs, as well as incongruous and unexpected objects are archived. These exhibits are all part of a strange data bank, gathered and archived year after year by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes. They form the tangible or phenomenal side of what both men most seriously call their "library of the subconscious".

Author-Director : Xavier Lavant, Philippe Elusse
Photography : Mathias Sabourdin
Sound : Anne Ducourau, Philippe Lecocq, Guillaume Valeix
Editing : Marielle Babinet
Original Music : Jean Yves Prieur
Delegate Producer : FMS (France movie services)
Broadcasting Co-producer : France Télévisions
Broadcasting Sale : RTVE
Contribution : CNC. COSIP


Distributor : Lukarn