Rock Paper Scissors
( Even, niyar ou-mis-pa-ra-ym - Documentary Arthouse )

Lilah Markman
2018 - 54 min - Vidéo 720p/HDV - Couleur - Israël

English summary
The Markman couple were making art, using their own bodies until life interfered in their plans. Fertility treatments, high-risk twin pregnancy, collapsing body's cells, breakdown and isolation were some of the challenges they faced.
During 6 years, they captured every pain and smile in their lives. While fragile family corpus is evolving, its intimacy reveals the unspoken truth. Art does not change a life, but for Lilah, the filmmaker, it was the only way to bear the trauma and transform it into a wonderful consolation.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Lilah Markman
Image : Lilah Markman, Raz Markman
Son : Nin Hazan
Montage : Yael Leibovitz
Musique originale : Elad Shniderman
Producteur délégué : Artcore
Participation : Tel Aviv University


Distributeur : JMT Films Distribution


2018 - Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa (Israël) : Finalist