Random Principle
( Prinzip Zufall )

Romeo Grünfelder
2011 - 26 min - Super 8 mm - Couleur - Allemagne

The experiment with a train set by psycho-physicist Dr. Johannes Hagel relates to synchronicity phenomena which hardly can be validated. But according to Hagel's hypothesis the train set shows the prognosticated abnormalities after thousands of passes. Finally a broken bulb shows even to the son, who seems to live in a parallel soccer universe, that his father's experiments have at least far more impact than assumed.

Author-Director : Romeo Grünfelder
Photography : Simon Rittmeier
Sound : Stefan Fendrich
Original Music : Thomas Meadowcroft
Delegate Producer : Felderfilm


2012 - FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels), Biarritz (France) : Situations de la création européenne