Qui c'est celui-là ?
( Pierre Vassiliu )

Laurence Kirsch
2014 - 51 min - Couleur - France

A ballad within a trip. The film traces a path – from the inside to the outside, from shadow to light, from Vassiliu to Pierre, from the intimate to the public, from the past to the present. The film sounds like a song – we can remember the tune, hum certain notes and listen out for the chorus with pleasure. Each trip outdoors is full of surprises and pleasant encounters. Encounters lead to songs. The scene is set little by little – just like the chorus of a song. At home, Pierre dresses, gets ready, puts on his finery, his special stage shirt. Once outside, Pierre roams the streets of Sète. A port town where the call to set sail is almost permanently present. Pierre touches everyone he meets with his humour. A succession of encounters weaves the film to the present day.

Author-Director : Laurence Kirsch
Author : Valérie Cibot
Photography : Yanick Dumas, Laurence Kirsch
Sound : Eric Bidart, Michel Coqblin
Editing : Valérie Cibot
Original Music : Pierre Vassiliu
Delegate Producer : Mille et Une productions (Montpellier)
Contribution : Sacem


Distributor : Mille et Une productions (Montpellier)


2014 - Cinemed - Festival International du Cinéma Méditérranéen de Montpellier, Montpellier (France) : Sélection Filmer en région