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Questions d'enfants
( De la naissance à 3 ans )

Variety Moszynski, Jean-Louis Fournier, Monique Girard, Emmanuelle Nobécourt, Sylvie Durepaire, Jean-Marc Serelle
1999 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur - France, Canada

To meet what makes and unmakes a man in a child at once is the aim of this series. In other words, what to do, or above all, what not to do, to place a baby in the situation of becoming the best person he can be ? So that as an adult, he may be contemporary ?
Our last century was one of immense upheaval, of a vertiginous acceleration of the development of knowledge. It poses the question of the child faced with the modern world and that of his education. With what principles, what values ?
To widen parents' point of view, give them tools for observation, reflection, understanding and action has been the constant concern of the authors and directors.
One is not born a parent, one becomes one.


Distributor : Saint-Louis production
TV Rights : France Télévisions