Nomad District
Alexandra Rice
2018 - 105 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Belgique

From Flanders to Wallonia "the nomadic district" crosses Belgium in an annual tour that has been going on for centuries. Its inhabitants, the showmen, are nevertheless well established in the modernity.
In the banality of their daily lives and the cycle of life. The film wonders about the unconscious tradition that goes through them. What are the impalpable residues? Would it be that of our traditions, of us ... In the community to which we unconsciously belong.
This immersive film portrays a community that is insidiously endangered by the regulation of cities and the disrepute of popular culture.

Author-Director : Alexandra Rice
Photography : Sébastien Tran Quang Nam
Sound : Thibaud Darscotte, Mathieu Rochet
Editing : Alexandra Rice
Original Music : Michaël Grébil Liberg
Delegate Producer : Terre Inconnue ASBL


Distributor : Terre Inconnue ASBL