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Pustelniks in the Mountains
( Pustelnicy W Gorach )

Miroslaw Dembinski
2009 - 59 min - Mini DV - Couleur - Pologne

English summary
The main characters of the film are: a Himalayan alpinist Piotr Pustelnik -the father - and a rock climbers (Adam and Pawel Pustelnik) - sons.
The film's aim is to depict the difference in their attitude to the mountains and on a wider scale - to the life itself. The comparison of those attitudes intends to evoke a wider contemplation of the universal problem - "the conflict of generations". The formal approach based on using two different film styles (classical fly-on-the-wall in case of the father and relaxed video clips in case of the sons) represents the original author's way of telling the story.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Miroslaw Dembinski
Image : Dariusz Zaluski, Maciej Szafnicki
Son : Filip Rozanski
Montage : Miroslaw Dembinski
Producteur délégué : Film Studio Everest
Coproducteur : Media Plus
Coproducteur : Polish Film Institute (PISF)


Distributeur : Film Studio Everest
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