No Man Is an Island
Dominique Marchais
2017 - 96 min - HD - Couleur - France

This film is a journey around Europe, from the Mediterranean to the Alps where we discover men and women working locally to bring alive the spirit of democracy and to produce a landscape of good government.
From the farmers of Le Galline Felici cooperative in Sicily to the architects, craftspeople and elected officials in the Swiss Alps or from Vorarlberg in Austria, all are engaged in a politics based on their work and all think in terms of a shared destiny. Could the local be the last territory of utopia?

Author-Director : Dominique Marchais
Photography : Claire Mathon, Sébastien Buchman
Sound : Emanuele Giunta, Mikaël Barre, Mikael Kandelman, Marc Von Stürler
Editing : Jean-Christophe Hym
Delegate Producer : Zadig Productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : TV5 Monde


Distributor : Météore films


2017 - EntreVues - Festival du film de Belfort, Belfort (France) : Sélection Longs métrages internationaux