Michel Guérard Série-Collection : L' Invention de la cuisine

Paul Lacoste
2010 - 52 min - Digital vidéo

Michel Guérard was one of the inventors of Nouvelle Cuisine, shaking up our habits in taste. Forty years later, his desire to ?make food as a songbird sings? seems just as strong. Not surprising that he?s remained a role model for new generations of chefs.
To highlight the freedom of his cuisine inspired by the everyday as well as what?s unique about it, Paul Lacoste has chosen to have four amateurs make four of Michel Guérard?s recipes. Their
experiences respond to his comments and show us that, if cuisine is (almost) child?s play, it also requires an element of genius.

Author-Director : Paul Lacoste
Editing : Anthony Brinig
Delegate Producer : La Huit Production


Distributor : La Huit Distribution
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : La Huit Distribution, La Huit Distribution