Licence to Kill
( Lizenz zum Töten )

Egmont R. Koch
2013 - 44 min - Couleur - Allemagne

Based on blunders like the one that occurred in Hebron in 2011 when an Israeli commando went to the wrong house and killed an innocent person, this film uses several specific examples to examine the use of targeted executions in the fight against Palestinian terrorists and Iranian scientists, and questions the moral and legal issues of this hard-line policy enforced by the Israeli military.

Author-Director : Egmont R. Koch
Photography : Matthias Kind
Sound : Ria Pietzner, Moshe Dor
Editing : Jo Angerer
Delegate Producer : Egmont R. Koch Filmproduktion


Distributor : Global Screen GmbH


2014 - FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels), Biarritz (France) : Sélection